Introduction to Guidance and Counseling

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Title: Introduction to Guidance and Counseling
Author: Okumu, Auma

This Module Four: An Introduction to Guidance and Counseling has been written specifically for you as a teacher who is undergoing training to become an effective and useful person to students, teachers, and school administrators and of course to the larger community around the school.

There are four units in the module. In each unit, statements of General and Specific objectives have been given. These statements of objectives are there to help you remain in focus, and also in making sure that the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes are acquired by you within the period of the training. There are also activities that have been included as part and parcel of the required things you are expected to do or meet. It is important that you do not only find time, but also ensure that they are done. The references that have been included in the module are things you must make all efforts to read them. Access to computer is a must for you, because most of the readings can only be accessed through the internet.

In the first unit, you will be introduced to the meaning, definition, aims and objectives of Guidance and Counseling. In addition, you will be introduced to issues like the characteristics of an effective guidance and counselor in a school situation. The unit will also introduce you to issues connected with the reasons that normally give rise to learners to demand or look for assistance for guidance and counseling services. The reasons for guidance and counseling in schools are many, and this module will highlight them to you. Some aspects of professional codes of conduct to help you do a good job have been presented in the module. You are expected to read more about these ethical codes of conduct by opening websites of professional counseling associations. Such associations are the American Psychological Association (, on the ethical principles of psychologists and code of conduct, the American Counseling Association (, the American Association of Marriage and Family Counselors ( These codes are to help regulate the counseling activities you will be expected to carry out in your school. They are also meant to ensure success in helping these young people make adjustments in their lives, especially future ones.

In Unit two, the main task involves introducing you to the different types of Guidance and Counseling services that are available. The ones that are of interests to you are those types that are found in schools. The details of each will be given to you. These are the Educational Guidance and Counseling, the Vocational Guidance and Counseling; and the Personal and Social Guidance and Counseling. You will be expected to know how to organize all these counseling activities in your school. Your personal commitment and indulgence are particular called for. This is because your work will involve bringing changes in these young people for the better of them all.

In Unit three, you will be expected to learn more about the meaning, definition, aims and objectives of Family Counseling. Of interest will be the origin, history and the development of Family Counseling, the aims and objectives and practice in society will be introduced to you. Reasons as to why people seek counseling at all are presented in the module. The different approaches in family counseling are also discussed: psychodynamics theory, behaviorist theory, rational-emotive theory and system theory. Issues connected with healthy and dysfunctional families are highlighted for you and therefore you are expected to go beyond the school confines in order to help also families whose children attend your lessons.

The last unit (Unit four) is on Guidance and Counseling Practicum. The purpose of this unit is to provide you with information for organizing practicum activities in your school. In the unit you will be introduced to the policies, requirements and procedures for participation in practicum in the school. You will also be introduced to how to organize such activities in the school.

The exercise is demanding, and therefore your full indulgence is anticipated. You are going to look at it as a vehicle in which your passengers are expected to travel to the world of change. Of extreme importance is your role in organizing this exercise successfully. The skills necessary for this exercise will be introduced to you. In the end, our expectations are that the practicum you’re going to take part is going to help you become a professional counselor not only in your school but also to the community around the school.

It will be of use for you to make efforts to read through some of the websites given in the reference section, to read more on how to organize, conduct, and assess the practicum in the school.

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Date: 2011-02-04

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