Animal Diversity

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Title: Animal Diversity
Author: Rabotovao, Laurence Joséphine

The lessons presented in this module on animal diversity are based on the social constructivist theory of learning. Learners construct their own understanding and develop their own skills, both individually and as part of a peer group. The activities presented here will help you, but a large part of the responsibility rests on you, in the aim of fostering learner empowerment.

This module is divided into four learning units: General Characteristics of Animals, Evolutionary Trends in Animals, Classification of animals, and The Importance of Animals.

Each learning unit contains a learning activity that integrates information and communication technologies (ICT) and collaborative learning approaches with formative assessment.

The summary assessment allows you to compare your progress with the benchmark knowledge and skills set out in the general and specific module objectives.

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Date: 2010-12-16

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Eva Sancho

5 years ago

Hello, I am taking the course you published in OCW. Would you be available to answer any question I may have?
Thank you for your help.

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