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    • Communication Skills 

      Bartoo, Phylis (2018-01-10)
      Welcome to Communication Skills and Team Building course The purpose of this module is to provide you with guidance and practice on how to enhance your business communication skills and team building. This will enable ...
    • Entrepreneurship 

      Bula, Hannah (2018-01-18)
      Welcome to this module in Entrepreneurship This module presents the following as its content: • Meaning of the term Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship, • Characteristics of Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneur, • Entrepreneurial ...
    • E-Business 

      G. Kabira, Jackson (AVU, 2018-06-10)
      Welcome to E-Business The primary goal of this course, is to give you, the learner, an understanding of how the Internet has created a new economy which, by its explosive growth and sheer size, has already changed our ...