Recent Submissions

  • Applied Calculus for Computing 

    Munyiri, Willian (AVU, 2018-02-10)
    Welcome to applied calculus for computing Calculation intended to be a general method of solving quantifiable problems. in the application of the calculation method, or as it is known the”infinitesimal” method, a problem ...
  • Introduction to Probability and Statistics 

    Aidara, Nafy (2018-01-20)
    Welcome to Introduction to Probability and Statistics The aim of the course is to equip students with basic knowledge in probability and statistics needed for their studies in ACS. In modern computer science, software ...
  • Research Methods 

    Joseph, Adjei Dr. (2018-01-28)
    Course Overview The course will introduce students to scientific research and guide them to carry out research in information systems systematically. It will attempt to draw a clear distinction between scientific ...