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    • Algorithim Design and Analysis 

      Justo, Godfry (2018-02-22)
      There are both practical and theoretical reasons to study algorithms. From a practical standpoint, you have to know a standard set of important algorithms from different areas of computing; in addition, you should be able ...
    • Computing and Society 

      Korir, William (AVU, 2018-02-10)
      The primary goal of the course is to develop computer professionals able to explore the implications of what computing professionals create as part of their work and how this impacts society at large. It will help the ...
    • Data Structure and Algorithms 

      Njoroge, Harrison (2018-02-22)
      “Every program depends on algorithms and data structures, but few programs depend on the invention of brand new ones.”! “I will, in fact, claim that the difference between a bad programmer and a good one is whether he ...
    • Data Warehousing and Mining 

      Getahun, Fekade (2018-02-22)
      This course focus on basic and advanced techniques on data warehousing and data mining, the study of the processing, modelling, querying, organizing, classifying documents, identifying association rules and categorization.
    • Emerging Technologies 

      Kipyegen, Noela (AVU, 2018-02-10)
      Welcome to Emerging Technologies in Applied Computer Science Emerging technologies are science-based innovations that hold the potential to create a new or improve an existing sector: (Day and Schoemaker(2000) in ...
    • Grid Cloud Computing 

      Kabira, Jackson (2018-02-22)
      Cloud computing is a means which allows you access applications and other information that reside at a location other than your computer or server which typically may be hundreds or thousands of miles away. One advantage ...
    • Information and Society 

      Mequanint, Dessalegn (2018-02-08)
      This course primarily introduces learners to the evolutions that information as a product has gone through with respect to its creation, use, dissemination, and management along with its impact on the development and ...
    • Information Retrieval 

      Getahun, Fekade (2018-02-22)
      This course focus on basic and advanced techniques on text-based information retrieval (IR), the study of the processing, indexing, querying, organizing, and classifying textual documents, including hypertext documents ...
    • Modeling and Simulation 

      Ngend, Luc (2018-02-22)
      This module examines three modern computer modelling and simulation methods, namely Agent-based Modelling (ABM), System Dynamics Modelling (SDM), and Discrete Event Modelling (DEV) utilized to simulate complex systems in ...
    • Multimedia Tools and Applications 

      Azasoo, Julius (2018-02-22)
      The explosion of the Internet has increased the demand of multimedia content. The multimedia applications become constituent parts of the activities on the Internet. Multimedia are media that use various forms of information ...
    • Technology Innovation 

      Bula, Hannah (2018-02-22)
      Welcome to the Technology Innovation module. The term technological innovation borrows heavily from innovation .It is applied to the products and services resulting from innovations. Technological innovation relates ...
    • Web Technologies and Internet Programming 

      Azasoo, Julius (2018-02-22)
      Fundamentals of Web Technologies and Internet Programming is one of the courses offered by Faculty of Information Technology and Multimedia Communication at African Virtual University (AVU). This course is aimed at: ...