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Since its inception, the AVU has primarily focused on the design, development and delivery of ICT-integrated academic programs. But in recent years, it has expanded its activities to include research. One of the research activities has been the launch of an online open access peer reviewed journal entitled the Journal of Research in Open, Distance and e-Learning (JRODeL). The journal seeks to publish articles on issues pertaining to open, distance and eLearning (ODeL) and like other AVU activities seeks to serve both an African and global audience of researchers, academics, practitioners and students engaging with issues to do with the role of ODeL in addressing the demand for access and quality education within the context of Africa’s socio-economic development. Launching a journal like this a decade or more earlier would have required significant investment of expertise, time and resources. However, thanks to open access and developments in technology such as platforms and software that make it possible to publish online, publications like JRODeL are now possible within much more affordable means.

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dc.titleOpen Access Publishing: The AVU Online Journalen_US

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