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At the heart of any major system is a data storage back-end. This back-end is what is refered to as a database. Taking that a database forms the core of systems, there is every need for the data to have integrity and also available for use. Database systems when well designed will ensure the system achieves those goals. Persons with skills to develop and manage these databases are therefore vital in modern day systems. The course principals of Database Systems is needed to help provide the competencies and skills needed by entry-level systems analyst or programmers. This course is about understanding and developing application logic in databases.

The technology used to build a database management system (DBMS) has applications to any system that must store data persistently and has multiple users. Thus in summary:

• Even if you will not be building your own DBMS, some of your programs may need to perform similar functions;

• The core theories expand on topics covered in operating systems related to concurrency and transactions.

• A DBMS is one of the most sophisticated software systems.

• Understanding how it works internally helps you be a better user of the system.

• Understanding of database internals is valuable if you will perform database administration duties.

• Database technology is a key component of our IT infrastructure that will continue to require innovation in the future

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