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Welcome to the Technology Innovation module. The term technological innovation borrows heavily from innovation .It is applied to the products and services resulting from innovations. Technological innovation relates everything that happens on the border of knowledge, generating innovation through research or investment, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the services or products related to this innovation.

The theme of innovation has received much importance in the contemporary technological moment. It is a concept that is most frequently used in relation to creation of new products or processes in knowledge intensive organisations. The process of change is very present in all areas of society, and innovation is at the center of all activities. The word innovation is related to the act of innovating - the act of doing something new.

The Technological Innovation is related to scientific and technological developments, which is why you use the term Science, Technology and Innovation (ST & I), featuring dynamic processes that have profound impact on the economy, the environment and the reorganization of society.

Technology innovation module is a well-structured module for senior class aimed at enhancing and improving the skills of entrepreneurship. It gives insights and invaluable information on the various types of technology and innovation and how an organization can develop an innovative culture by ensuring that certain factors prevail.

This module appreciates the existence of an organization culture as a spring-board and anchor to innovation. Technology when used appropriately translated to the commercialization of an idea which by and large leads to innovation in an organization. Business enterprises considered to be entrepreneurial ventures must innovate or perish, it is therefore imperative that all entrepreneurships embrace the spirit and culture of innovation for their survival and growth. Innovation just like change can receive resistance by various stakeholders in an organization, this module therefore expounds on the innovation process and cycle and the general management of innovative ideas, resistance to innovation, ethical issues and adoption of innovation.

By studying this module, you should be able to visualize and illustrate the nature of innovation in organizations, individuals and their careers. This competency requires the students to develop management strategies of innovation, based on technological innovation projects in organizations.

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