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dc.contributor.authorNgend, Luc

This module examines three modern computer modelling and simulation methods, namely Agent-based Modelling (ABM), System Dynamics Modelling (SDM), and Discrete Event Modelling (DEV) utilized to simulate complex systems in health, business, science, and industry environments.

The content has been thought to provide students with the thrust of theoretical background needed to later practically develop, verify, and validate computer simulation models using the software AnyLogic 7 that is one of the rare simulation software tools that support three simulation modeling methods: system dynamics, discrete event, and agent-based modeling and allows you to create multi-method models.

The four laboratories of the module will be developed using the book AnyLogic 7 in Three Days of Ilya Grigoryev (2015). The book is structured around four examples: a model of a consumer market, an epidemic model, a model of a small job shop, and an airport model. It also gives some theory on different modeling methods.

Students are required to attend theoretical activities before taking practical assignments.

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