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Action research is a systematic process of inquiry conducted by practitioners who wish to modify their practice for reasons they have felt and/or expressed. Usually the main reason of action research is to improve a given practice in response to a problem that may have been observed or expressed by the teacher, the student or the school administration. In Education, the objective of action research is to discover creative ways of resolving problems for students so that they are supported towards achieving learning outcomes. These problems may arise from issues in the teaching/learning transaction or from contextual and cultural variables. When confronted with teaching/learning problems the teacher often finds himself/herself taking upon the role of the action researcher in an attempt to resolve problems.

However, in Distance Education, the situation is different since the tutor may not necessarily be the one who has designed the course- this is usually done by the instructional designer. On the other hand, the instructional designer may not necessarily be the one teaching the course. What is certain is that the tutor not only has a didactic role, he/she has a facilitative role. On top of that, the roles of the teacher and the instructional designer can collapse into one. Very often in such situations, we find that the instructional designer is also the one teaching on the course.

dc.titleDemystifying Action research for Online Practitioners in instructional designen_US

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