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Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) as we know it is a relatively new phenomenon. In a few years, ICTs have become a ubiquitous presence in our lives- we cannot imagine living without our smartphones, our computers, their various applications and an Internet connection that keeps us ‘connected’ to our office, our family and the rest of the world. ICTs are seen as favoring improved communications, trade and exchanges among countries, new networks for knowledge acquisition and transfer, and higher economies of scale with regard to access to and harnessing of economic, business and social information. Earlier, the ICTs were mostly developed and used in ‘developed’ countries of the North. Elsewhere, other countries still struggled to have access to ICT devices at competitive rates as well as the required connectivity. This led to a much talked about digital divide, which is one of the best-known faces of ICTs.

dc.titleAchieving Social and Economic Inclusivity: Tapping the Potential of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)en_US

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