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The AVU has recently launched the Journal of Research in Open, Distance and ELearning (JRODeL) that seeks to attract and publish research of high quality that is useful to scholars, policy makers and practitioners alike, and with the additional objective of building research capacity within its network. A key component to ensure quality has been building a database of peer reviewers. The journal places its confidence in the peer reviewers as the arbiters of quality of submitted manuscripts and hence the role of the reviewer is a very important one. Essentially, the reviewers serve two major functions: (i) to judge whether the manuscript merits publication; (ii) to provide constructive criticisms for the authors, regardless of whether the manuscript is deemed acceptable for eventual publication. To support reviewers in providing useful reviews it is important for reviewers to abide by certain guidelines. The AVU has found these useful in working with peer-reviewers.

dc.titleResearch in ODeL: Guidelines for Peer Reviewen_US

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