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dc.contributor.authorInocêncio, Luísa Soares

The main purpose of this study was to analyze the perceptions, concerns and satisfaction of the students and teachers from the University of Cape Verde (UCV), in the context of online teacher training experience. The results and conclusions are based on an analysis of opinions, perspectives and interpretations by the study subjects. The study aims to contribute to the increasing body of knowledge of online education at UCV, at a time when this teaching model begins to take on new dimensions in Cape Verde. The study is exploratory and descriptive and therefore some of the results are qualitative in nature. The data collection instrument was an online questionnaire for teachers and students, which allowed the compilation of both qualitative and quantitative data, totalling 19 respondents, distributed through the municipalities of São Vicente, Praia and Sal. It is important to note that 75% of the students considered the training experience good, 12.5% considered it mediocre and 12.5% considered it to be poor. On the other hand, 33.3% of teachers are of the opinion that the experience was very good, while 66.6% ignored this question. There are some limitations in studies of this nature in that the results and perspectives drawn do not evaluate or compare the quality of the courses offered in this distance education system. Thus empirical conclusions that would form the basis for making decisions that promote the quality of distance education – at UCV and at national level – cannot be drawn from this study.

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dc.subjectmodelos de formação de professores, e-learning, plataforma Moodle, experiência pioneiraen_US
dc.titleAnálise das percepções, preocupações e satisfação de estudantes e docentes no contexto de uma experiência de formação de professores on-line na Uni-CVen_US

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